Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Service

By Jacklin Altman

There are two basic approaches to customer service. You can respond reactively or proactively. Which path do you take? Here’s

Ten Golden Rules for Providing Successful Customer Service

By Lauren Schneck

  How many rules out of ten does your business follow? It’s not a new or novel concept, but customer

Live Chat Queuing- Balance Agent Workload in Call Centers

By Michael Kansky

In the fast-paced environment of a modern call center, the efficient use of time is the key to both happy

Do I Really Need a Ticket System?

By Jacklin Altman

How many times have you come in on a Monday morning, checked your email, and then instantly wanted to go surveys customer service software buyers

By Michael Kansky

Software Advice’s customer service investigator blog recently published the results of an in-depth survey targeting hundreds of customer support managers, IT

Why Mobile Chat May be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

By Jacklin Altman

One of our proudest features here at LiveHelpNow is our fully functional, user-friendly Live Chat app. It operates on Apple

Open a streaming API of your live chat data

By Jacklin Altman

Introducing Eventing API – every webmaster’s dream Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the customer data LiveHelpNow collects for

Send LiveHelpNow chats to SalesForce CRM

By Jacklin Altman

Customer relationship management in the cloud Wouldn’t it be nice if you could house all of your LiveHelpNow chat sales

Talk business to me: Why a real phone conversation can trump a cold email

By Jacklin Altman

How many times have you found your inbox cluttered with messages from various businesses that you don’t care to read?

Live Chat cobrowsing, powered by

By Jacklin Altman

Serve customers like never before with Provided by LogMeIn, will allow you to serve your customers like never

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