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The Buying Process and The Impact of Technology

You’re not imagining it: Consumers are more impatient than ever before. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, attention spans are shrinking – dropping from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2013. This dramatic drop in concentration can be linked back to one simple cause: Technology. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have […]


How, When, and Why They Buy? The Psychology Behind Online Buyer Behavior

If you are a business owner, the one thing you can never be sure of is customer behavior. It can seem less complicated to make your yearly budget, audit your inventory or file your business taxes than to understand customer behavior.  Customers are temperamental, illusive creatures. The reasons they buy are complex, composed of many […]


How to Boost Your Productivity by Outsourcing

Whether you’re a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or just a hard working person trying to get more done in less time, you can maximize your productivity by outsourcing. A lot of people hear the word “outsourcing” and they think of big businesses sending jobs overseas or hiring people in other countries to work in […]


Negotiation skills – are they the key to success in business?

There are two types of people in the world – those who enjoy haggling to get the best deal, and those who would rather avoid it if they could. Even if you’d prefer a visit to the dentist than a negotiating session, if you own a small business, this is a necessary skill. The golden […]


9 Helpful Resources for Small Business Owners

Starting and running a small business can be a risky game, subject to small changes in the local economy or the appearance of a big competitor. Small business entrepreneurs may also have less experience, resources, or manpower to run their enterprise, meaning a little extra guidance is always a benefit. Here’s a round up of […]


Topics in Small Business: Stay Alive Admist Shopping Trends

We’ve written a lot about how online and mobile shopping have spiked in recent years, with this holiday season shaping up to be the busiest e-commerce has seen yet. But, as any trip to the mall will indicate, brick and mortar stores are not yet a thing of the past. So how should businesses prepare […]


Industry Focus: Live Chat for Toy Stores

Toy stores probably experience most of their business right now, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With more parents shopping around online before making a purchase, these shops can’t just rely on print ads and catalogues to make sales. They need to reach out to buyers where they come first: their website. How can mom-and-pop shops stand […]


How to Win Over Holiday Shoppers

During the holiday season, shops put out their best sales and competitive prices to pull in savvy shoppers, but locating the best sale and bopping from store to store can be stressful for customers. The key to keeping them in your aisles instead of shopping around? Delivering warm, friendly customer service. During the holidays, creating […]


9 ways small businesses can compete with the big guys during holidays

Most small business owners during this time have a severe case of butterflies in the stomach syndrome. They know that while  holidays can be a very good time for them, they are intimidated by the Walmarts and the Amazons. They fret about the advantages of the 800 pound gorillas- huge advertising and marketing budgets, an […]


7 ways small businesses can promote themselves during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only 10 days away. Whew! This is the time of the year to be thankful and show appreciation to your clients and customers who have made your small business successful. People are going to spend and travel and buy gifts and yeah, eat. With a number of economic indicators slowly improving  and customer […]

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