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7 Reasons You Should Invest in Knowledgebase Software

Having a knowledge management system is no longer optional. In fact, even if you haven’t specifically thought about it, your company probably already has some sort of knowledge management system (a filing cabinet, a shared intranet folder or a person who has been around since the beginning and knows everything?). Knowledgebase software provides a more […]


Customer Service Cornerstones For Your Online Business

As a business owner and a consumer, you know that a company’s level of customer service can make or break a customer’s loyally and commitment to a brand.  Unfortunately one drawback of running an online business is that you miss out on those personal, face-to-face opportunities to really -wow- your customers.   Still, just because […]


Avoid Nightmare Holiday Customer Service

Did you know that 74% of people say that customer service around holiday time is the worst it is all year? Did you know that 91% of people surveyed feel that businesses should be better prepared for the holiday rush? To make matter worse, only about 20% of people feel bad for being rude to […]


Knowledge Base article editor & Ticket system notifications get a facelift

The LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base article editor has a new look and feel along with better performance. You’ll now be able to create ‘private’ tickets that are never visible to customers & edit the Ticket System email notifications that your customers receive using HTML.   Knowledge Base updates Categories and Tags are now found on the […]


Track customer calls and expand your knowledge

Look through ‘recent call history’ in your Ticket info and Callback info. Reviewing customer calls is a consistent way to get great customer feedback. We’ve just added a ‘recent call history’ feature to Tickets and Callbacks, allowing you to review every customer’s past tickets, calls and chats before you reply to their most recent inquiry.     […]


Google report shows boost in online shopping

A new study released by Google classifies the upcoming holiday season as the first “non line” shopping season, meaning that the line between online and offline shopping experiences is practically non-existent for consumers. Based on consumer interviews, an independent market research firm found that 80% of shoppers will research products online before making a purchase. […]


How to turn idle help desk agents into productivity powerhouses

If you oversee a help center, you’ve likely noticed that unpredictable call volumes can leave you with the difficult task of managing periods of idle time. Inactive operators mean your help desk Return on Investment sinks and invaluable opportunities to grow your business are missed.  So when phones aren’t ringing off the hook, how do […]


Why a good knowledge base can be a game changer for software vendors

Some software products and services can intimidate first time users as they figure out the innards. A good knowledge base helps in such situations.


Why Small Businesses Are Good at Customer Service

As a company grows, its executives may lose sight of the most important aspect of any money-making enterprise: pleasing the customer. Mainly, this is because big companies have more difficulty communicating across departments and levels of hierarchical management. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, misinformation, and ultimately, confused and frustrated customers who bear the brunt of […]


5 tips for organizing your knowledge base

So you have decided to start a knowledge base. Smart choice! But a knowledge base can’t be established simply by installing a knowledge base software and slapping together some articles.  It needs to make sense to the reader, and it needs to be user friendly. One way to achieve that is by classifying your articles into […]

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