How Solopreneurs Can Be Customer Service Whizzes

Customer service is a kind of job that takes up a lot of time and energy. And because of the nature of the job, it involves plenty of human interaction. Now that’s all well and good for a big company, or even for a small business. But what if you are a single person business, […]


Why a good knowledge base can be a game changer for software vendors

Some software products and services can intimidate first time users as they figure out the innards. A good knowledge base helps in such situations.


Don’t let shopping cart abandonment kill your ecommerce store

One of the biggest barriers to profitability for any e-commerce site is cart abandonment at the point of sale. But there is a solution to lower the rates


5 tips for organizing your knowledge base

So you have decided to start a knowledge base. Smart choice! But a knowledge base can’t be established simply by installing a knowledge base software and slapping together some articles.  It needs to make sense to the reader, and it needs to be user friendly. One way to achieve that is by classifying your articles into […]


5 ways to direct users to self help options on your site

Previously on this blog we have covered why it’s smarter to invest in self help options instead of making users call or email every time they have a problem. Before launching your site, simply create content that will provide your customers with the most helpful information.  Have a prominent call to action on the homepage […]


5 principles that make multitasking with live chat easier

  Offering a live chat option on your website is a great start at being more responsive to your market’s needs. But if you have decent traffic and your agents process one chat request at a time, you would have to expand your customer service exponentially to offer a good user experience. A smarter option would be […]


Is the FAQ on your site really helping customers?

You might have been hearing a lot of talk about how a well written FAQ can be a powerful customer service asset. And it is true- customers and prospects really do appreciate a well written FAQ section. If you are using a solution like our Ticket System or our Chat System you already have a […]

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