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Send LiveHelpNow chats to SalesForce CRM

Customer relationship management in the cloud Wouldn’t it be nice if you could house all of your LiveHelpNow chat sales leads and customer service inquiries in Salesforce CRM automatically? With LiveHelpNow’s new seamless integration with Salesforce CRM, you can. The integration allows you to create new accounts, contacts, or leads in Salesforce automatically as customers chat […]


Mastering the Sales Funnel: Turning Leads into Sales

Once you’ve got leads coming in, take the next steps to walk them toward the register. The process may not always be speedy, but taking the time to parse through potential customers and develop a meaningful relationship with them will result in greater gains in the long run through their repeated business. 1. Act Quickly […]


Mastering the Sales Funnel: How to Generate Leads

Sometimes, small business owners can get so caught up in their end product or the bottom line that they forget about the process it takes to get there. While its true that it costs less to hold onto existing, loyal customers than to snag new ones, there are simple ways to generate new leads and […]


Why Small Businesses Are Good at Customer Service

As a company grows, its executives may lose sight of the most important aspect of any money-making enterprise: pleasing the customer. Mainly, this is because big companies have more difficulty communicating across departments and levels of hierarchical management. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, misinformation, and ultimately, confused and frustrated customers who bear the brunt of […]


How to be an Olympic Brand-Builder

With the 2012 Olympics opening tomorrow, pressure is stacked on London to make the experience successful and memorable for all involved. Among the many responsibilities shouldered by the Organising Committee is that of brand protection, meaning they must censor all advertisement from companies other that the Games’ top sponsors. Coca-Cola, a sponsor now for 83 […]


Can you be the world’s most Pinteresting business?

I don’t always use social media, but when I do I prefer…Pinterest? Lots of media has circulated around Pinterest as a great social media marketing tool, but for some industries the picture-sharing site might be more wasteful than wonderful. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest doesn’t spark conversation. Interaction with customers won’t reach far beyond “repinning” […]


Companies who invest in customer experience reap rich rewards

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you may have noticed a recurring theme. We passionately believe that only those companies providing a brilliant customer experience will be able to survive and thrive in this tough economy. Want another perspective on how customer experience can influence conversions, revenues and profits? […]


How cloud computing and live chat software foster better customer relationships

Although there are many differences between startups and long established growing businesses, they still have one thing in common: they rely on client satisfaction in order to remain profitable. A key to satisfying customers and encouraging them to continue doing business is to ensure that all of their issues and questions are quickly addressed and […]


Live chat software: enhancing customer relationships with web-based chat

When it comes to e-commerce, technical aid or product sales, no matter how amazing your web site is, you still need to have that human touch. LiveHelpNow provides a cutting edge solution for ensuring that not only are you able to give the great one-on-one consumer service via your website, but you can up-sell or […]

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