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Send LiveHelpNow chats to SalesForce CRM

By Jacklin Altman

Customer relationship management in the cloud Wouldn’t it be nice if you could house all of your LiveHelpNow chat sales

Mastering the Sales Funnel: Turning Leads into Sales

By Kathryn

Once you’ve got leads coming in, take the next steps to walk them toward the register. The process may not

Mastering the Sales Funnel: How to Generate Leads

By Kathryn

Mastering the Sales Funnel: How to Generate Leads
Sometimes, small business owners can get so caught up in their end product or the bottom line that they forget

Why Small Businesses Are Good at Customer Service

By Kathryn

As a company grows, its executives may lose sight of the most important aspect of any money-making enterprise: pleasing the

How to be an Olympic Brand-Builder

By Kathryn

With the 2012 Olympics opening tomorrow, pressure is stacked on London to make the experience successful and memorable for all

Can you be the world’s most Pinteresting business?

By Kathryn

I don’t always use social media, but when I do I prefer…Pinterest? Lots of media has circulated around Pinterest as

Companies who invest in customer experience reap rich rewards

By Katie

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you may have noticed a recurring theme. We

How cloud computing and live chat software foster better customer relationships

By Michael Kansky

Although there are many differences between startups and long established growing businesses, they still have one thing in common: they

Live chat software: enhancing customer relationships with web-based chat

By Michael Kansky

When it comes to e-commerce, technical aid or product sales, no matter how amazing your web site is, you still

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