customer feedback

How to Respond to E-Mail Complaints Effectively

By Greg Fisher

As a commercial business providing any kind of service or product to the general public, you are likely to find

Close the loop: Turn customer feedback into customer insight

By Michael Kansky

Regardless of the products it sells or the work it performs, no business can be successful for long if its

Metrics That Matter: Assessing Your Helpdesk Solution

By Kathryn

Analytics are a manager’s best friend. By collecting massive amounts of customer data into neat reports, they allow management to

How Pre-Chat Customer Info Can Lead to More Sales

By Kathryn

You’ve heard how collecting customer feedback can help you uncover and fix mistakes, improve service, and better understand your shoppers.

7 reasons excellent customer experience can be your ace in the hole

By Katie

It's difficult for brands to stand out from their competition based on of quality and price.But they can make money by focusing on great customer experience

Automatically send customers their chat transcript and invite them to take a survey

By Michael Kansky

Looking for an easy way to connect with your customers? Remind them of their positive experience with your brand by

6 ways you can get quality customer feedback

By Katie

Running a business without asking your customers’ feedback is like trying to cross a busy street with headphones plugged into

6 tips on turning customer feedback into business intelligence

By Katie

So you have got the memo and have started collecting customer feedback. Congratulations. But that is only the first step

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