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Open a streaming API of your live chat data

Introducing Eventing API – every webmaster’s dream Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the customer data LiveHelpNow collects for you sent instantly to your contact management system? Eventing acts as a streaming API, allowing you to push customer data to any of your resources on the web at the exact moment a LiveHelpNow chat […]


Track customer conversations with chat & ticket tagging

Every day your staff talks to customers on a wide range of topics. While much of this is routine, wouldn’t it be nice to quickly pick the golden nuggets out of each conversation? Rather than wading through each chat and ticket transcript in your records for valuable customer insights, you can have them all available […]


Season’s Greetings from LiveHelpNow

The LiveHelpNow blog is taking a temporary break for the holiday season and we will resume regularly posting customer service strategies, best practices and more in the New Year. It’s been an eventful year for us as I’m sure it’s been for you and your business. In 2012 we updated chat system features and made […]


Google report shows boost in online shopping

A new study released by Google classifies the upcoming holiday season as the first “non line” shopping season, meaning that the line between online and offline shopping experiences is practically non-existent for consumers. Based on consumer interviews, an independent market research firm found that 80% of shoppers will research products online before making a purchase. […]


How to turn idle help desk agents into productivity powerhouses

If you oversee a help center, you’ve likely noticed that unpredictable call volumes can leave you with the difficult task of managing periods of idle time. Inactive operators mean your help desk Return on Investment sinks and invaluable opportunities to grow your business are missed.  So when phones aren’t ringing off the hook, how do […]


Find us on YouTube

Are you a visual learner? We have a YouTube channel chock full of helpful tutorials just for you! In this clip, one of our reps reviews LiveHelpNow‘s best features and practical uses: Visit our channel and scroll through the vids to find testimonials and great reviews, too!


How to Adapt Call Center Tactics to Chatting

“Time is money.” Ben Franklin coined this saying in the 1700s, and it’s especially true today for businesses looking to expand. So if you’re considering incorporating live chat into your company’s help desk service but haven’t made the plunge, you may be wary of spending too much time training agents to use the software effectively. […]


6 Reasons Non-Profits Need Chat

Live chat software has often been touted as a complete helpdesk solution for businesses, but it’s not just for customer service reps sitting at desks with headsets on all day, trying to make sales. Live chat, ticket management, and knowledge base can also help out non-profit organizations who don’t speak in terms of prospects and […]


4 tips towards delivering consistent customer experience

Last week, I had an overcharge issue with my phone provider. A tweet mentioning the service provider got me an unexpected and prompt response from the official Twitter account and I was advised to call up the service center. But from there, things rapidly went south. After wading through a frustrating interactive voice response system, […]


5 principles that make multitasking with live chat easier

  Offering a live chat option on your website is a great start at being more responsive to your market’s needs. But if you have decent traffic and your agents process one chat request at a time, you would have to expand your customer service exponentially to offer a good user experience. A smarter option would be […]

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