Send LiveHelpNow chats to SalesForce CRM

By Jacklin Altman

Customer relationship management in the cloud Wouldn’t it be nice if you could house all of your LiveHelpNow chat sales

Talk business to me: Why a real phone conversation can trump a cold email

By Jacklin Altman

How many times have you found your inbox cluttered with messages from various businesses that you don’t care to read?

Live Chat cobrowsing, powered by

By Jacklin Altman

Serve customers like never before with Provided by LogMeIn, will allow you to serve your customers like never

Twitter to Ticket Integration is Almost Here…

By Jacklin Altman

Imagine a world where you don’t have to monitor your company Twitter account because someone (or something) is doing it

Does My Website Suck?

By Jacklin Altman

Maybe site traffic has slowed, maybe you haven’t gotten a unique hit on your site since the 90’s, maybe your

Help! I work with a jerk!

By Jacklin Altman

Everyone, at some point or another, meets someone they absolutely cannot stand. When you’re forced to work with them; however,

LiveHelpNow improves online customer service with updates to key features and analytics.

By Michael Kansky

LiveHelpNow is announcing the release of updates that improve the customer’s mobile experience, enable easy and accurate reporting for business owners

LiveHelpNow releases integral “Chat Button” and “HelpOut Tab” plugins

By Lauren Schneck

New Arrivals LiveHelpNow is announcing the release of two highly anticipated plugins for websites built with content managers, the “Chat

Knowledge Base article editor & Ticket system notifications get a facelift

By Michael Kansky

The LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base article editor has a new look and feel along with better performance. You’ll now be able

Close the loop: Turn customer feedback into customer insight

By Michael Kansky

Regardless of the products it sells or the work it performs, no business can be successful for long if its

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