What Obamacare means for your business

By Kathryn

This morning, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision to uphold Obama’s Affordable Care Act, requiring every U.S. citizen to

7 reasons excellent customer experience can be your ace in the hole

By Katie

It's difficult for brands to stand out from their competition based on of quality and price.But they can make money by focusing on great customer experience

Automatically send customers their chat transcript and invite them to take a survey

By Michael Kansky

Looking for an easy way to connect with your customers? Remind them of their positive experience with your brand by

7 strategies for getting word of mouth advertising from customers

By Katie

A good word from customers to their friends and family is worth its weight in gold for you, the marketer.

7 reasons why phones should not be your primary customer service channel

By Katie

Most small businesses offer phones as the primary customer support channel. But tools like livechat and email ticketing systems might work better , providing more robust options while being cost effective at the same time

Provide excellent customer service without wasting time

By Michael Kansky

With the LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab® you can point customers with routine support questions to online help before they can pick

6 small business tips for tracking customer service issues on the cheap

By Katie

Great customer service will get you loyal fans and  bump up your profits. Also, the sky is blue, water is

7 customer service strategies to help you beat the competition

By Michael Kansky

Unless you’ve unlocked the secret of cold fusion or cured the common cold, your business has competition. Separating yourself from

4 tips towards delivering consistent customer experience

By Katie

Last week, I had an overcharge issue with my phone provider. A tweet mentioning the service provider got me an

7 ways you can stop customers from getting buyer’s remorse

By Katie

“I think you should have looked around. You would have gotten a better deal” If you are a salesperson nothing

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