How to Win Over Holiday Shoppers

By Kathryn

During the holiday season, shops put out their best sales and competitive prices to pull in savvy shoppers, but locating

9 ways small businesses can compete with the big guys during holidays

By Katie

Most small business owners during this time have a severe case of butterflies in the stomach syndrome. They know that

7 ways small businesses can promote themselves during Thanksgiving

By Katie

Thanksgiving is only 10 days away. Whew! This is the time of the year to be thankful and show appreciation

How seasonal businesses can thrive year round

By Kathryn

This past Halloween, you might’ve purchased your costume from a spooky superstore like Spirit or Halloween Adventure. Come Thanksgiving, it’ll

Google report shows boost in online shopping

By Kathryn

A new study released by Google classifies the upcoming holiday season as the first “non line” shopping season, meaning that

6 tips to prepare your website for the holiday rush

By Katie

The holiday season is upon us, and hundreds of millions of consumers this month and the next will spend billions

Topics in Small Business: Presidential Election Preview

By Kathryn

With the presidential election less than a week away, undecided voters are in a bind to choose which candidate will

6 ways small businesses can get back on their feet after Sandy

By Katie

If you are in an area where Hurricane Sandy tore through, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope

7 ways small businesses can take advantage of Halloween

By Katie

According to the National Retail Federation 71.5 % Americans will spend almost $8 billion during Halloween in 2012. For any

Mastering the Sales Funnel: How to Regain Disgruntled Customers

By Kathryn

Maybe you’ve succeeded in walking customers through your funnel step by step. Vetting them, making them happy, and keeping them

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