Track customer calls and expand your knowledge

By Michael Kansky

Look through ‘recent call history’ in your Ticket info and Callback info. Reviewing customer calls is a consistent way to get

View visits by internet service provider and get more leads

By Michael Kansky

Live chats are a great lead source- especially when you prompt visitors for their contact information for later follow-up. In

5 Ways to optimize your website for mobile customer support

By Michael Kansky

Maintaining a presence on the Internet through the use of social media and a well-designed company website is a must,

Android App for the Live Chat System

By Michael Kansky

Our new Android App is now available to LiveHelpNow Live Chat System subscribers in the Google Play Store free of charge! We offer

Personalize canned messages & transfer chats with a whisper

By Michael Kansky

Sending pre-written messages while you chat is a great way to save time and allow yourself the freedom to multitask,

Track customer conversations with chat & ticket tagging

By Michael Kansky

Every day your staff talks to customers on a wide range of topics. While much of this is routine, wouldn’t

Season’s Greetings from LiveHelpNow

By Michael Kansky

The LiveHelpNow blog is taking a temporary break for the holiday season and we will resume regularly posting customer service

9 Helpful Resources for Small Business Owners

By Kathryn

Starting and running a small business can be a risky game, subject to small changes in the local economy or

Topics in Small Business: Stay Alive Admist Shopping Trends

By Kathryn

We’ve written a lot about how online and mobile shopping have spiked in recent years, with this holiday season shaping

Personalize visitors display

By Michael Kansky

LiveHelpNow now offers the ability for you to pick and choose what attributes of website visitors you want to see

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