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Making Readers Feel: Using Emotion to Promote Your Content and Brand

Few marketers would disagree that emotion drives response. Yet pulling off a successful emotionally engaging campaign, especially for smaller brands with less name recognition, is easier said than done. Emotional campaigns can be risky; audience reaction tends to be unpredictable, and campaigns gone wrong can cause real damage to brands. But, if attempted successfully, the […]

Why Niche Content Marketing Trumps SEO Every Time

There has been much ado about Search Engine Optimization. Knowing that most customers rarely get past the first page of search results, companies have been quick to invest in SEO, the process of making web pages more search engine-friendly and boosting rankings. Though organic search accounts for the lion’s share of web traffic for many […]


Live Chat is Dead: Long Live the Text!

Yes, you read that correctly. LiveHelpNow, the chat software company is declaring that traditional chat for customer service is a thing of the past. Have you ever been on a website and needed to ask a question and wished that you could just text your question and continue on with your life? You probably find […]

HelpSquad Partnership with LiveHelpNow

  It’s been a busy month for us, after recently being named to the Inc. 5000 list, we are excited to share more good news. We are happy to announce that HelpSquad, LLC, a live chat answering service, is partnering with us. We have found that our customers have a growing need for outsourced live chat services. Partnering with HelpSquad is […]


LiveHelpNow Makes the Inc. 5000 List!

As a leading provider of fully-featured customer service software, we are  proud to announce we have been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. LiveHelpNow was ranked #4 in Pennsylvania and #284 in the U.S. and Canada. The growth rate of LiveHelpNow has advanced to over 1,635% over the last three years. It is an honor […]


What Does the LiveHelpNow Challenge Mean for YOU?

These days, customer service is king. Companies like Amazon are constantly heralded for their exceptional customer service, and their constant willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. By the same token, many companies (who will remain nameless) are getting publicly shamed for poor customer service. With customer care at the forefront of peoples’ […]


Customer Profiling and Its Benefits

Recall the last time you had a good conversation with someone you’d known for a long time. Compared with talking with someone you’d just met, wasn’t speaking with an old friend far easier and more enjoyable — simply because you knew them well? Something similar is true with your customers. When you when you understand […]


The Buying Process and The Impact of Technology

You’re not imagining it: Consumers are more impatient than ever before. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, attention spans are shrinking – dropping from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2013. This dramatic drop in concentration can be linked back to one simple cause: Technology. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have […]


How to Boost Your Productivity by Outsourcing

Whether you’re a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or just a hard working person trying to get more done in less time, you can maximize your productivity by outsourcing. A lot of people hear the word “outsourcing” and they think of big businesses sending jobs overseas or hiring people in other countries to work in […]


5 Things Your Business Needs to Stop Doing Right Now

Running a business is exhausting, its time-consuming, and it can easily take over your life. When something takes over your life, it can majorly cloud your judgment. When something clouds your judgment, it can cause you to do super annoying things that make your customers want to stop doing business with you. Don’t let clouded […]

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