The Next Big Thing is Here: Landline Texting

You read that correctly. LiveHelpNow pioneered the technology that allows customers to text a landline phone number and receive a response, just as you would between mobile devices. So, the obvious question is, How does it work? A landline phone number is provisioned by LiveHelpNow via relationship with major SMS providers to send and receive SMS messages. Customers […]

How to Keep Your Customer Service Agents Happy

It’s no surprise that happy customer service agents mean happy customers. Just imagine, if you were to get on a call or a chat with a customer service agent who sounds like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even if they were able to solve your issue, you may walk away […]

Chat Sentiment Analysis is Here

A common issue that people have with texting, emails, and live chat alike is that it’s hard to read how the person you’re talking to is feeling. Unless they’re padding their messages with exclamations and smiley faces- how can you know they’re happy? If they’re not outwardly saying that they’re upset- how can you fix […]

Are Your Spelling Mistakes Costing You Customers?

They say you only get one shot at a first impression. In the world of customer service, that first impression often comes in the form of text, and where there’s text- there’s massive spelling errors. Lucky for LiveHelpNow customers, we’ve got you covered to ensure that you don’t end up soiling your own reputation and […]


What Does the LiveHelpNow Challenge Mean for YOU?

These days, customer service is king. Companies like Amazon are constantly heralded for their exceptional customer service, and their constant willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. By the same token, many companies (who will remain nameless) are getting publicly shamed for poor customer service. With customer care at the forefront of peoples’ […]


5 Things Your Business Needs to Stop Doing Right Now

Running a business is exhausting, its time-consuming, and it can easily take over your life. When something takes over your life, it can majorly cloud your judgment. When something clouds your judgment, it can cause you to do super annoying things that make your customers want to stop doing business with you. Don’t let clouded […]


Avoid Nightmare Holiday Customer Service

Did you know that 74% of people say that customer service around holiday time is the worst it is all year? Did you know that 91% of people surveyed feel that businesses should be better prepared for the holiday rush? To make matter worse, only about 20% of people feel bad for being rude to […]


Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Service

There are two basic approaches to customer service. You can respond reactively or proactively. Which path do you take? Here’s a simple way to identify your company’s customer service strategy and change it for the better:   1. A problem arises. Your systems crashed and a page of your website is down indefinitely. Do you: […]


Do I Really Need a Ticket System?

How many times have you come in on a Monday morning, checked your email, and then instantly wanted to go crawl back in bed after seeing tons and tons of unanswered emails? How many times has someone emailed you and then emailed you again and again, thus adding to your clutter? How many times have […]


Why Mobile Chat May be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

One of our proudest features here at LiveHelpNow is our fully functional, user-friendly Live Chat app. It operates on Apple and Android devices, and fills virtually all the holes left by traditional, desktop-based live chat. The best part? It’s totally free with a chat system subscription. Here’s a list of scenarios in which you may find […]

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