Take a Customer Service Challenge You Can’t Lose

Here’s a challenge where you win—no matter what.  It’s a whole lot easier than, say, the challenge of escaping from a big maze, which we don’t recommend you try since that’s how we lost our Senior VP of Marketing. Poor Ted. We hope he packed a big lunch. It’s going to be a while. But […]

Making Readers Feel: Using Emotion to Promote Your Content and Brand

Few marketers would disagree that emotion drives response. Yet pulling off a successful emotionally engaging campaign, especially for smaller brands with less name recognition, is easier said than done. Emotional campaigns can be risky; audience reaction tends to be unpredictable, and campaigns gone wrong can cause real damage to brands. But, if attempted successfully, the […]


Should you outsource your customer service and sales teams?

Customer service teams are notoriously major cost centers in any business. Between training people, paying their salaries, and spending countless hours solving customer problems- those numbers start to add up. So, what if there was a way to provide top-notch customer service while cutting those costs? Now, there is. You can now entirely outsource your […]

Capture Twitter mentions and support customers with Twitter-to-Ticket

Integrate your company Twitter account with the LiveHelpNow Ticketing system and act on socially driven support inquiries and sales opportunities.         Manage your social footprint with LiveHelpNow customer service software.             Search Twitter for tweets that mention your company, your competitors, trends in your industry, customer sentiments and more. Add Twitter Tickets with […]


PipelineDeals LiveHelpNow Live Chat integration

LiveHelpNow help desk software collects a lot of information about your customers. The integration with PipelineDeals will allow for easy transfer of live chatter information into your PipelineDeals account for additional marketing, business analytics, upsell and cross sell flow. Please complete the following easy steps to integrate your LiveHelpNow live chat user info into your PipelineDeals People […]


Using E-Mail profiles to personalize outgoing email

Email forwarding from within our System has been essential for customers to stay up to date with the Status of their Tickets, Track Statistics, and review Chat Transcripts. The benefits have been great- but they just became even greater! Create a Mail Profile so that your email responses can come from your own personal email […]


LiveHelpNow Live Chat Integration with ZenDesk

LiveHelpNow help desk software features enterprise class email management system tightly integrated with LiveHelpNow live chat system producing integrated contact history, chat to ticket and ticket to chat flows and many other native interactions between the two systems. For those of our users who prefer to stay on ZenDesk platform or in the proces of switching over to […]


Manage email/ticket workflows with Ticket Triggers

Email-Ticket Management is a complete help desk solution that keeps your business communications organized and efficient. All the support emails, web form submissions, and Twitter tweets you receive are turned into trackable support tickets in one convenient dashboard. Ticket triggers provide too many benefits to mention, from smart routing to SLAs to custom notifications and so […]


Search every word in your chat history, Automate chat greetings, and Add external watchers to tickets.

You can now search through all the text in your chat history, automate chat greetings, and enable secured chatting on unsecured pages without making code changes. A new beta feature has also been introduced that allows chats to be accepted automatically. Email-Ticket Management subscribers: Add watchers outside of your support team to tickets including people outside […]


Improved Analytics and Ticket Surveys help you capture more customer feedback

We’ve updated the look and feel of the charts and graphs in LiveHelpNow Analytics to make them more accessible & responsive. View & Sort Chat, Ticket, and Call history using multiple tags. You can create up to 30 custom tags for operators to select when working with customers & review results in Tag Statistics reports. Improved […]

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